Creating legal Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Documents

As you go through your adult life, you spend most of your time saving money and providing for your family through hard work and determination. But, what is your plan when the unexpected happens? Drafting your will and estate plan is a necessity to make sure your family is left with a clear layout of what to do with your home, land, and belongings.  

So, when is the best time to draft a will? Some wills can be drafted with minimal instructions, but when you start having children, it is vital to leave a clear path of what your wishes are. At The Law Office of Elise Epperson Deano we are knowledgeable at drafting wills and trusts for clients. 

Handling Probate and Estate Litigation When Disputes Arise

In some cases, wills are never drafted.  This can leave strife and confusion between family members.  Our law firm helps with issues such as when intestate succession is required.  If your family comes across issues such as this, The Law Office of Elise Epperson Deano, P.A. helps Mississippi families when they need it most.

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