Pertaining to family law, when a child is born and is living with one parent while the other parent is still alive or not currently living with the child, child support and visitation are typically ordered. In some cases we've seen, each party may not comply completely with the court order. So, if the parent or guardian of the child does not receive child support or get their ordered visitation, they can open an old case and file a motion of contempt to force compliance with the order. This is a way the law can actually enforce child support payments.  

Penalties of not paying child support could include order of immediate payment, jail time until a payment is received by the other party if ordered by the judge, and/or levy against tax returns. 

At the Law Office of Elise Epperson Deano, P.A., we strongly believe in that children have the right to payments for their upbringing when one parent takes on the responsibility of custody. As an attorney with experience in contempts, Elise Deano will fight for you and your child. Contact us today if you think a motion of contempt needs to be filed. 

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